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I’ve been wondering why they do this too June 21, 2010

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Subtext: “News networks giving a greater voice to viewers because the social web is so popular are like a chef on the Titanic who, seeing the looming iceberg and fleeing customers, figures ice is the future and starts making snow cones.”
xkcd: Public Opinion.

Webseries Wednesday: xkcd December 2, 2009

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It might be late in the day, but Wednesday is not over until we post our Webseries of the week!

Today we are officially highlighting a webseries we have linked to before. The webcomic xkcd is published regularly, if not quite daily, and features geeky stick figures as they deal with love, relationships, math, science, and other assorted geekery. It’s often clever, though occasionally too geeky for its own good. Here’s the most recent comic:


Speaking of AI, Meet Cleverbot November 18, 2009

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Cleverbot is a chatbot program, that simulates a conversation between a user and the computer. Remember the unsophisticated ELIZA, who roboticly parroted back your own thoughts? Well, Cleverbot has been designed using an algorithm based on the thoughts of thousands of users, to respond in a more “human” way.

This article begins a fascinating philosophical discussion about the artificially intelligent being, by explaining the thought experiment known as the “Chinese Room“and the difference between understanding and simulated understanding.

I played with the program for a little while earlier today, and was somewhat impressed at its ability to respond, however it could only handle one thought at a time. There was no cohesion from one thought to the next. For example, I had the following conversation:
Me: have we talked yet?
Bot: We have, have we?
Me: I think we have
Bot: You think we have what?

Check it out – it’s kind of fun. But watch out, don’t let this happen to you:

(source: xkcd.com)

(via Nerdabout)