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Vook: Passing Fad or Wave of the Future? February 10, 2010

Posted by pupfiction in Technology can do anything.
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I’ve been hearing about vooks for a few months now and had decided that they were about as enduring and useful as tongue piercing. But now that Anne Rice, the consummate vampire author (although perhaps not a prestigious literary writer is certainly prolific and influential), has adopted the technology, I decided to give vooks a second glance. What exactly are vooks? They’re a combination of book, video, and that unstoppable contagion–social media. Their introductory video perhaps describes it best.

Rice has decided to adapt “The Master of Rambling Gate,” a 1984 story published in Redbook magazine into a vook. The obscurity of the title should be enough to keep you wary. Who else has made vooks? Not many. In fact, there are only 12 vooks in all (so far) which makes me wonder why I keep hearing about them.  At first I swore off vooks as another sign of the world catering to (and thus fortifying) our need for dazzle, glitter, and bombardment of our senses.  Vooks seem like just another nail in the ADHD coffin, allowing us to switch to video when our wandering minds can longer handle the strain of actually (gasp!) reading text.  But, I do think there is a place in this world for vooks after all – in the realm of personal fitness, cooking, and any other hands-on experience. This kind of integration makes sense to me. As for the rest, I’ll keep my novels on one shelf and my DVD’s on another. What do you think?