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Niche Blog Friday: I Can Has Babies!!! December 10, 2010

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Lately, we’ve had babies on the brain here at Infomavens’ Desktop, and in honor of the newest (and certainly most adorable) info-lover, today’s niche blog is a collection of silly baby photos from the folks over at I Can Has Cheezburger.  I’m only going to put up one of the pictures here – but do yourself a favor and check out a few more; some of them are sooo cute!

Pretty cute!

Creepy Easter Bunnies… Wow. April 2, 2010

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Two Amazing Sites for Graphic Artists March 17, 2010

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My husband, an art teacher and free lance graphic designer, showed me two sites last night that are definitely worth bookmarking. CoolIris.com is a graphic/image search engine that blows both Google and Bing out of the water. How annoying is it to find an image, click on it, be brought to the site containing the image, then click on “full image”, etc. etc.? Cool Iris takes away all these steps and streamlines image searching in an aesthetically pleasing, and helpful, manner. (Admittedly, the site works best on a mac.) My screen shots below show browsing the search engine, what a still frame looks like, and then how an image is enlarged. All of these are done simply and seamlessly without having to click through various pages.

Update: I kept playing around on Cool Iris and discovered that you can also search videos, movies, etc. this way and play them right from the site. In addition, you can load your own photos from your computer (instantaneously) and search them all this way.

The other site is more interactive and a great way to waste time at work! The experiments on Escape Emotions, by Slovakian artist Peter Blaskovic, are nothing short of innovative (and entrancing). With names like Fire, Flame, Magic, and Fields, just to name a few, these artistic experiments enable the user to create artworks based on the fluidity of motion. Flame is the only one that can be saved and exported, due to its static nature, but all are worthy of exploring. Here are a few screen shots of my experiments but make sure to try it out yourself!

My attempt to write "Infomavens" in Flame

Water Fluid Simulation

In this one, the user builds “walls”, adds animated water and air to blow the water into circulation.

Burning "Infomavens" in Fluid Fire Simulation 3

Have fun!

When Old Meets New January 21, 2010

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I discovered this through an NPR tweet and as much as I didn’t want to just steal and “dump” I HAD to, because this is amazing. Flickr user EdRabbit has compiled 17 photographs (more to come, please?) of older photos being held in the same place as where the original was taken. These are beautiful and I hope others will take time to contribute. Here’s one below, but check out the whole project here.

100 Photographs That Changed the World December 8, 2009

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Here’s a look at Life’s 100 Photographs that changed the world, with a poignant introduction questioning whether a photograph is really worth “a thousand words”.

See any big ones missed? What’s your favorite?