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Webseries Wednesday: xkcd December 2, 2009

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It might be late in the day, but Wednesday is not over until we post our Webseries of the week!

Today we are officially highlighting a webseries we have linked to before. The webcomic xkcd is published regularly, if not quite daily, and features geeky stick figures as they deal with love, relationships, math, science, and other assorted geekery. It’s often clever, though occasionally too geeky for its own good. Here’s the most recent comic:


Geekiness Invades the Holidays December 2, 2009

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Since the Infomavens cannot escape all things geeky (and by “cannot escape” I mean “embrace”), I had to share these beautiful holiday cards from the Hubble web site. The best part about these delightful cards? They’re free to download and print!

Turning Science Fiction into Fact December 1, 2009

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I often find myself linking to, or Retweeting, articles on the Wired Magazine’s GeekDad Blog. They just find some of the coolest stuff out there on the web, movies, tv and popculture. This morning’s post is no exception – it’s a plug for a new show, Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible on the Science channel.

TIME Visions 21 issue contributor physicist Michio Kaku. (Photo by Ted Thai//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Check out this interview with the Theoretical Physicist that will help figure out how to turn science fiction into reality. He talks about things like why time travelers from the future aren’t interested in us (despite our huge egos, we aren’t actually that interesting) and if we should worry about robots taking over the world (yes, but we’ll have plenty of warning.)

As if the very concept of the show wasn’t already enough to make me tune in, GeekDad added this enticement:

They’re going to make lightsabers that actually work.

The show premieres tonight at 10pm EST, on the Science Channel. Check your local listings.

Lists to Be Thankful For November 20, 2009

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Recently we posted about why people make lists. Since then, lists seem to be popping up everywhere. And now, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner, people are making lists of things for which they are thankful.

I, personally, am thankful for the lists. Here are a couple I came across this morning, that I thought were worth sharing.

Television Without Pity’s 10 TV things We’re Thankful For This Year

Wired’s GeekDad Blog’s 10 Geeky Things to Be Thankful For

I expect there will be more as we get closer to Thanksgiving, and Year-End Reviews, so check back for more in the weeks to come. If you have a list you’d like to see us highlight, let us know in the comments!

Photo by Steve Voght; used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.