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In Other iPad News (briefly): Get Thee to a Library! April 7, 2010

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Just stumbled across this New York Times “Op-Chart” entitled, “How Green is My iPad?,” comparing the environmental impact of e-readers with actual books. It’s interesting enough to browse but what I really wanted to post was the article’s pithy last line which states, “All in all, the most ecologically virtuous way to read a book starts by walking to your local library.”

Books or Games? November 2, 2009

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I have and love my Apple iTouch. I sometimes use it for music, and I sometimes use it for handheld organization (i.e. calendar), but I mostly use it for portable gaming. I know I am not the only one, as the iPhone and iTouch are gaining popularity as portable gaming platforms – and more and more games are being developed. Knowing the rate at which this popularity is growing, makes this news even more interesting: in September, more book-related apps were released than games. I wonder how the number of downloads compare.

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Source: Flurry Analytics

Digital Editions in Libraries October 16, 2009

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This article from today’s New York Times is about libraries increasing their Digital Lending collections.

Libraries hope that by reaching out to users of e-readers and other digital readers, they will encourage users who would not otherwise patronize the library to do so.

Digital editions are definitely gaining popularity. How long until they replace hardcopies? Or do you think enough people will cling to their hardcovers to keep publishers printing?