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Dictionary 2.0: Wordnik February 24, 2010

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Recently I read a good review by Choice, recommending the free website Wordnik.com as a new type of dictionary. Their goal? “Our goal is to show you as much information as possible, as fast as we can find it, for every word in English, and to give you a place where you can make your own opinions about words known.” As a word lover, I found myself browsing this site for some time. Each entry compiles definitions from American Heritage Dictionary, Century Dictionary, GNU Webster’s 1913, Wordnet, and “elsewhere on the web”. The entries also include examples from online articles, print articles, books, etc. There is a place to tag the entries, a live Twitter feed, Flickr photos which have been tagged with the word, statistics about the popularity of the word, etymology from a number of different sites, and a chart graphing usage. While many of the links depend on public contribution like Wikipedia, there still is a wealth of good information on here.  As of today, Wordnik boasted that it is comprised of, “billions of words, 423 million example sentences, 4.7 million unique words, and over 185,000 comments, 95,000 tags, 74,000 pronunciations, 24,518 favorites and 728,464 words in 23,583 lists created by 39,849 Wordniks.” While this might not be the most authoritative source on the web for definitions, it is certainly the most current, and in times like these, that is certainly something to be taken into consideration.

Latest Banned Book: the Dictionary January 27, 2010

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No, it’s not April Fool’s Day. I am serious. Southern California schools have banned Merriam Webster’s 10th edition dictionary for its “sexually graphic” description of oral sex. Last time I checked, it was the purpose of the dictionary to describe things as graphically as possible. And “sexually”, um…yeah…it’s a definition of oral sex. Can’t see how they could have gotten around that one…

Read the whole article from the Guardian here.