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Crafty: Make a Paperback Picture Frame December 9, 2009

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In the spirit of our previous post on book art, here is a way to make some book art yourself! This HOW TO Guide to making a picture frame out of an old paperback book goes over the steps to create the frame as seen in this picture. From the website Craftypod and found via the Craft blog TweetUp.

Book Binding in 3000 Shots November 28, 2009

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This stop motion video shows the process of binding a book from start to finish: its a fascinating process, with lots of steps!

(via Craft)

That’s A LOT of Patience October 26, 2009

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A blog I often let build up in my RSS Aggregator (I use Bloglines) is Craft. It started just a few years ago as an online counterpart to a print magazine that has since been discontinued. Once a week or so, I look to see what projects have collected, and often find tips for recycling old sweaters into new dresses, creatively decorated cupcakes, or any number of cool things to do with a few scraps of craft supplies and lots of time. I save many of these posts in the hope that someday I will have the requisite scraps and time on the same day, even though I do not expect that to happen anytime soon.

Usually, it only take a few minutes to scroll though the week’s worth of posts. I pick a few to save for someday and skip past the ones that are out of my league. But sometimes, people do some really cool things that just cannot be skimmed over, and must be shared.