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Here We Go Again! May 26, 2011

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It might seem like it’s been a long time since this blog was active. And, well, that’s sort of true. However – just because we haven’t been writing here doesn’t mean we haven’t been reading (a lot) and keeping an eye out for good stuff to share here.

During our “vacation” (I’ll explain my use of “vacation” in the next Monday Book Review on The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz) we’ve been busy with real life and work. But like I said, we’ve been absorbing all kinds of media and information, and if I don’t get back to sharing, I might explode! So watch out – we’re back!

Friday Niche Blog: When Parents Text January 14, 2011

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Ever get a text from your mom or dad, and think WTF? Maybe they said something ridiculous? Maybe it was something really mom-like and she shouldn’t have that kind of reach when you’re not home?

I read about today’s niche blog this morning in Entertainment Weekly Magazine, and decided to check it out.  Some of these posts had me laughing out loud – at work!  I’m going to get caught blogging if I keep checking this site – but don’t let that stop you. Tons more at When Parents Text.


Mom: are you coming home this weekend?
Me: I haven’t decided yet..
Mom: I am making your bed up and making cookies and all of your favorite foods and lining your pillows with ten dollar bills



mom: just an fyi i had to buy more toilet paper today we have some serious butt wipers in this house


Thinking of You

Mom: The deli next door is cooking bacon and I thought of you. Miss you.


Mom: Have you ever noticed how much garbanzo beans look like little butts? Like being mooned by soup



There’s sooo many more, I had a hard time deciding when to stop sharing them… Do yourself some good, and check these out.



Niche Blog Friday: Fake Science May 14, 2010

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These posters from the Fake Science Blog are excellent! And kind of make a lot of sense… There’s lots of good ones over at the site, and here’s a couple I like.

Niche Blog Friday: Literally, A Web Log April 16, 2010

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There are few things that the Infomavens like better than blogs tracking grammatical mistakes. And so for your reading enjoyment, we present: Literally, A Web Log;  “an English language grammar blog tracking abuse of the word ‘literally'”. Enjoy!

Niche Blog Friday: PlayGroundology April 9, 2010

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What is it about playgrounds that are so intriguing? A sense of nostalgia? A lost sense of innocence? A yearning for the simpler pleasures of life? Whatever the draw is for you, PlayGroundology is a blog you will want to check out. PlayGroundology is a blog dedicated to sharing “all things bright, beautiful and occasionally tarnished about the world of playgrounds. What I found most intriguing were [1] the awesome design of some of these structures and [2] the completely dangerous, now-banned structures. While many of the latter will make you wonder how these things were ever legal, one must also wonder if our overly-litigious, overly-protective society hasn’t killed the element of fun. Make sure to click links to the Flickr galleries dedicated to cataloging specific aspects of playgrounds.

From Hanami's Flickr Stream

From the Neato Coolville Municipal Playground (Set) on Flickr

'Helicopter' ride photo from the I Played at Dennis the Menace Park and lived Set

(Thanks to Matt Bucher for the lead!)

Blogger Burnout and How the iPad Could Save Us All April 7, 2010

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As you may or may not have noticed, I have been recently shirking my posting duties, remaining far from the blogosphere in general for the last few weeks. Something happened to which I cannot quite point my finger. Call it the late-Winter doldrums, the bursting of Spring, or just being overworked–I find that the less I have to think these days, the better. While I once checked Twitter fanatically, I have not even signed on (nor desire to sign on) in weeks. So imagine my surprise when I reluctantly returned to one of my favorite blogs – Shapely Prose – and found that founder, die-hard blogger and technocrat, Kate Harding, was suffering from exactly the same sentiments.

Blogger Burnout Conceptualized (from gelaskins.com)

What first drew me to her post was its alluring first line about the purchase of an iPad. Being a member of the I-think-I’m-better-than-you-because-I-have-a-Mac team, I am very interested in any new review of Apple’s latest product, especially now that the fanfare has subsided and voices of both Apple lovers and haters have relented. And what I found most refreshing about Harding’s post was its honesty. The iPad is not an ideal medium for work, nor for interacting with the media found on the web, according to Harding. But, the iPad is ideal for consuming media–photos, videos, television shows, music, etc. And because it is not as effortless to comment on articles, blogs, etc. as it might be with a netbook, the iPad forces us to s l o w  d o w n and digest, something, according to Harding, that we have forgotten to do. And this is why she and I have both suffered from blogger burnout. Instead of thinking about what we have just read, we were always thinking of how to comment, how to create a post, how to formulate a witty tweet. (Ironic, I know, in that I am doing just that.)

Harding cites an important quote from an iPad review by Laura Miller on Salon.com. Miller warns that our society is in danger of “living in a culture where everyone’s talking and nobody’s listening”.

From gelaskins.com

Well perhaps this was exactly my problem. I work over sixty hours a week and finding time to think even more is beyond exhausting. So I found myself doing exactly what Harding was doing–watching craptastic tv. Like her, my reading and writing, two activities that I used to love, have seriously suffered. That’s why her post touched me so much. But while she hopes to someday take a vacation with an iPad, a gadget that will help her “listen”, I just want a day off to hike through the woods. How’s that for a disconnect?

Niche Blog Friday: Should Be On The Nanny March 26, 2010

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This eccentric blog showcases the latest designer looks but with a twist–the heads of Fran Drescher aka the Nanny and and on-screen nemesis C.C. Babcock have been photoshopped onto the models’ bodies. I can’t really figure out if the blogger is making fun of The Nanny or worshipping it. What do you think? Check out the whole blog here.

Niche Blog Friday: Ads Gone Bad March 19, 2010

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This blog is hit or miss but as it is fairly new I think it shows great promise. I was led to this blog from Information Today, in an article discussing the inefficacy of online advertisements. What I found most interesting was exactly what this blog monitors – the humorous and unexpected results of ads based solely on textual content of the web page. As the about page states, “AdsGoneBad.com is a collection of bad contextual ads, poorly placed display ads, viral videos mocking ads, and anything else that makes media buyers, planners and anyone working in the online advertising industry just scratch their head and chuckle.” Check out the whole blog here.

Niche Blog Friday: My Life is Average March 12, 2010

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Are you the kind of person who is easily amused by the most mundane occurrences? Do you frequently hold back from sharing every uneventful detail of your day because you know it will bore the heck out of your spouse? Well now you can vent those humdrum tidbits from your life on a blog that will inexplicably make you smile – My Life is Average. The blog describes itself as a “place to share your everyday mediocrity. It is a place to post the mundane things in your life, and read about what makes life normal for other people.” Here’s some recent examples:

Today, I passed a mental institution where the slogan was, “We’re all here because we aren’t all there.” I couldn’t stop laughing. MLIA

Today, I got mad because I noticed that L is on the right side of the keyboard, and R is on the left side of the keyboard. MLIA

Today, I realized that the saying “Some say potato, some say potato,” really doesn’t translate through text. MLIA

Today I was driving slowly down a narrow street and another car passed by. As it passed the driver rolled down the window, stuck his hand out and yelled, “HI FIVE!”. But I just kept driving because I didn’t want to look weird. MLIA.

Today, I was driving behind a very dirty van and noticed written in the muck was “I wish my wife was this dirty”. I laughed. MLIA

Make sure to check out the whole blog here!

Niche Blog Friday: Black and WTF March 5, 2010

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This is a great blog full of black and white photos that will make you say ‘WTF?‘ It’s nice to know that people were kooky even before the birth of viral videos! Enjoy!