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Another Ridiculous Augmented Reality Idea February 17, 2010

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When I first saw this article on augmented reality tattoos I had a few questions:

1. Is it April Fools’ Day?

2. Why does this make me think of Harry Potter?

3. Won’t most people think I have a tattoo of a box (like everyone else, if this takes off)?

Apparently, a Brazilian software company has come up with the ridiculous asinine innovative idea to tattoo people with barcodes that will allow augmented reality cameras to view animated tattoos. Not only does this mean that people will be branded with “boxes” permanently instead of art, it means you have to buy a device to view the art. I know many tattoo artists who refuse to brand people with anything but their own original artwork, and I would surmise their reaction to barcode tattooing would be even more severe. And let’s not forget the problem with needing accuracy in tattoos that we learned from the trend of using Asian characters in the late ’90s–changing a symbol slightly can lead to a completely different meaning. So imagine what altering the barcode of an augmented reality tattoo might do–you might think you have a dragon when in reality you have something very very different.

Check out Discover’s full article here.

Augmented Reality: Enlightening or Aesthetic? January 25, 2010

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Though I’ve been living an augmented reality most of my life, turns out you can download augmented reality apps for use on mobile devices as well. So what’s all the hype about? And are these apps really providing information that we couldn’t already obtain with other apps and reformatting them in more aesthetically pleasing ways? Tell me what you think after you watch the video below.