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Mobile Tech in the Classroom November 9, 2009

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Anyone who has worked in education or an academic setting can vouch that technology for technology’s sake never ends well. The result? Pointless and poorly made powerpoint presentations, Smartboard snafus, and futile attempts to seamlessly integrate multimedia with more traditional lecturing. And that’s why when I stumbled across Mobile Behavior’s “Five Approaches to Mobile Technology in the Classroom”, I was understandably skeptical. Mobile Behavior, a commercial project, but one with research at its core, points to some interesting studies on the effect of integrating mobile technologies with the classroom.

Most promising perhaps is the study done by Digital Millennial which proved that such integration raises the test scores of those in low-income areas. Of course, the economic specter always looms, and one wonders who will fund such devices, especially in these days of reduced funding, where school programs are constantly being cut.