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2666 Spring

We here at Infomavens’ Desktop are participating in 2666 Spring. We’ll be reading Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 according to the schedule set by Matt Bucher over at Las obras de Roberto Bolaño, included below.

Here we’ll collect links to all our posts related to 2666 Spring, as well as links to related sites elsewhere on the web.

Also, Dataduchess is one of the Trackers for the group read: she is responsible for collecting tough vocabulary words and compiling a glossary each week. View it here or over at the Group Read page.

Infomavens’ Desktop Posts:
Here comes 2666 Spring
Spring 2666 starts soon!
Is reading a social or solitary experience?
Spring 2666 Update

Other sites:
Las obras de Roberto Bolaño
Infinite Zombies
LibraryThing Book Group
Facebook Group
Shelfari Group
bolano-l Google Group
4everoverhead, blog of one of the Theme Trackers

Follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #2666.
Also, follow:
Matt Bucher
A German Reading Group, 2666de
Infomavens’ Spring 2666 Twitter List

Schedule: (the part in parentheses refers to the subject line for bolano-l (listserv) messages, where x=week #):

The Part About the Critics (GR-Critics-x)
Week 1: January 25 – pages 1-51
Week 2: February 1 – pages 51-102
Week 3: February 8 – pages 102-159

The Part About Amalfitano (GR-Amalfitano-x)
Week 4: February 15 – pages 163-228

The Part About Fate (GR-Fate-x)
Week 5: February 22 – pages 231-290
Week 6: March 1 – pages 291-349

The Part About the Crimes (GR-Crimes-x)
Week 7: March 8 – pages 353-404
Week 8: March 15 – pages 404-465
Week 9: March 22 – pages 466-513
Week 10: March 29 – pages 513-564
Week 11: April 5 – pages 565-633

The Part About Archimboldi (GR-Archimboldi-x)
week 12 : April 12 – pages 637-701
week 13 : April 19 – pages 702-765
week 14 : April 26 – pages 766-830
week 15 : May 3 – pages 831-893


1. mike - January 13, 2010

Count me in. The book arrived yesterday from Amazon.

2. mike - January 20, 2010

I also joined the google group which is organized by matt at:
It may collect some interesting comments.

3. Is reading a social or solitary experience? « The Infomavens' Desktop - January 27, 2010

[…] 2666 Spring jump to navigation […]

4. pupfiction - January 29, 2010

I love reading the vocab either way!

5. Daryl L. L. Houston - May 11, 2010

The Infinite Summer-like reading program is continuing with Moby-Dick at the Infinite Zombies site starting in just under two weeks. Be there or be square.😉

dataduchess - May 11, 2010

Oh, Great – thanks for the tip! We’ll check it out… Meanwhile, there’s also the ongoing One Book, One Twitter group read of American Gods. This is so fun!

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