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Niche Blog Friday: Turtles Eating Things September 10, 2010

Posted by pupfiction in Just for Fun, Niche Blogs.

Have you ever noticed how the mouth of a turtle uncannily resembles a geriatric gumming his food sans-dentures? Neither had I until I saw this surprisingly cute blog – Turtles Eating Things. And if your Friday is as hectic as mine, then you’ll definitely need the smile pictures like these put on your face.



1. dataduchess - September 10, 2010

You know – I was going to argue that there’s nothing cute about this – ugh, it’s kinda disturbing! But then, I clicked on the link, and couldn’t help smiling – some of these little guys are so adorable! I love the one of the turtle about to bite the kitty – very funny. But my favorite is the little turtle eating the little yellow flower! Great find!

2. Drew - September 10, 2010

I had a pet turtle for all of half a day growing up, before i felt bad for it and freed it into the neighbors pond. (it or its decedents is still there last i knew).

In any case, i find this quite cute, Turtles are great!

3. Complete Niche Blogs (@completeNiche) - March 7, 2012

Hey there! I just wish to give you a huge thumbs up for your excellent Complete Niche Blogs you have got right here on this post. I am coming back to your web site for more soon. But The Picture of Watermelon is Scarry !

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