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Niche Blog Friday: Turtles Eating Things September 10, 2010

Posted by pupfiction in Just for Fun, Niche Blogs.

Have you ever noticed how the mouth of a turtle uncannily resembles a geriatric gumming his food sans-dentures? Neither had I until I saw this surprisingly cute blog – Turtles Eating Things. And if your Friday is as hectic as mine, then you’ll definitely need the smile pictures like these put on your face.

Niche Blog Friday: Paleo-Future September 3, 2010

Posted by pupfiction in Just for Fun, Niche Blogs, Of Interest, Technology can do anything.
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In times like these (whatever times these may be), it’s comforting to find out that most predictions about the future (eh hem…December 21, 2012) are DEAD WRONG. How do I know most predictions are wrong? Because this wonderful blog – Paleo-Future – has documented predictions dating from as far back as the 1870s and most of them are wrong. Some make astoundingly astute predictions about the way transportation, communication, and entertainment would evolve (although no one could predict the onslaught of reality TV programming that we’ve had to suffer). But when it comes to the larger issues – population growth, global food supply, disease, war, and even natural resources…we have no clue! So enjoy the often entertaining predictions of our predecessors especially if Hurricane Earl is making your day rather dreary!