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Burritos for Posterity April 15, 2010

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That headline would make a good band name or maybe a charitable organization. It’s only tangentially related to this post, but too fun to change. Onward.

Here’s some scary news: The Library of Congress is archiving ALL public Tweets. Yikes!

I’d advise Tweeters to heed the warning of the article linked above:

So if you don’t want history to remember that burrito you had for dinner last night (and its aftermath), tweet carefully—now it’s for posterity.

UPDATE: Here is the Twitter Blog post about the LOC archiving project. Not too much more detail (nor answers to any of the questions in the comments) but there is an additional announcement of another new Twitter feature. “Google Replay” will allow users to search for old tweets on topics from the past and view them as if being tweeted in real time. They include charts showing the volume of tweets on a topic at any time… reminiscent of a conversation we have had in the past about viewing peaks in internet searches or newspaper website visits in the aftermath of major events.



1. pupfiction - April 15, 2010

OMG – hahahaha – love the post title. I had seen this article and thought about posting it too. But here’s my question (to which I could not find an answer): What about tweets that you deleted previous to the archiving? For example, after googling myself one day and finding some less than exemplary things that I had said, I went back and deleted these old tweets. They DID disappear from my Twitter account and could no longer be found by Google. It is my hope that these will not be archived by the LOC!

2. dataduchess - April 15, 2010

Good question…I guess it depends on where and how LOC is getting their data. One point that may set some minds at ease, they are only able to archive the public tweets. Setting your account as private is a way to avoid being archived – though I do not know if making the change now will save your old tweets.

3. mike - April 15, 2010

HaHaHaHaHa!!!! You thought they were deleted!!!!!!!!

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