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Feed the World: It’s Not Easy February 19, 2010

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MVRDV, an architecture and design practice from the Netherlands specializing in “densification and multiple space use” (wikipedia.org) and named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the world, has produced a video entitled “Food Print Manhattan”. The video uses basic design and 3D bar-graph bars to display the problem of feeding the world, focusing particularly on whether Manhattan could feed Manhattan. Manhattan is truly challenging because there is an average of 1.8 million inhabitants in 23 square miles. The food production is further complicated by the fact that Manhattanites are prosperous and therefore eat about 2,600 pounds of food a year, per person. Good.is, where I first saw this video, pointed out the astounding fact that Manhattan would “need a 23-mile high vertical farm” to feed themselves, but I was personally more taken aback by the image of 656 feet of food added to every single building top in Manhattan. Watch the video for the full effect.



1. dataduchess - February 19, 2010

Forget the world— just feeding Manhattan seems almost impossible!

(N.B. Don’t really forget the world, I’m just being dramatic!)

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