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Chatroulette- Another great concept to be abused. February 16, 2010

Posted by dataduchess in Technology can do anything.
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I recently discovered that one of my favorite bands from college has a Twitter feed.  Oddly, not many of their tweets are music related, including one this morning about a new obsession. It was a link to an article from last week’s New York Times BITS column about a relatively new web service called Chatroulette.

Chatroulette is a web-based video-chat site that once you log in, matches you randomly with another user to video-chat with. Perhaps I’m a little paranoid or cynical because my first thought was “but you never know who you’ll be matched with, it might be a crazy pervert,” instead of the intended “this is so cool, I might make contact with someone from another country and learn about their culture”. However, some of the comments to this NYTimes article by people who tried the service suggest that my first instinct is not too far off base.

I make absolutely NO COMMENT on what you might encounter if you check this out, and in fact, doubt that I will try it myself. But, the NY Times article is worth a read because it features an interview with the creator of the site, allegedly a 17-year old Russian teenager, who thought teens might like to “party with” other teens. There have been a few discrepancies pointed out that make the validity of the teen’s claim of creation questionable, but if he DID, I’m impressed, despite the creeps!


1. pupfiction - February 20, 2010

So a college student just told me that her and her friends go on this all the time (in groups). She said it’s cool because she has talked to people all over the world, but not so cool because you often find fornicators and other types of exhibitionists (to put it in polite terms). I just jumped on for a second and got freaked out by leering old men, but whatever floats your boat! Should be interesting to see what happens in the future with this.

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