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Microsoft Surface: the future of tables February 11, 2010

Posted by dataduchess in Technology can do anything.
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I like games. Pretty much all games of any kind. Tabletop, board, video and card games. I like puzzles too, even those tricky logic puzzles with the strange grids full of dots and crosses. So, every once in awhile I pick up the current issue of Games Magazine. I grabbed one the other day, and I’m so glad I did because (besides the hours of nerdy puzzle solving pleasure) the first article was a preview of the Microsoft Surface.

I haven’t come across this before, although I’m sure I must have at least seen the idea in some sci-fi movie. It’s essentially a table, the surface of which is a sort-of touchscreen, but which can interact with objects, as well as fingers. There’s tons of potential applications, a few of which you can see in this video:

The article in Games Magazine of course, was more focused on how the Microsoft Surface could revolutionize tabletop games – with digital boards and physical pieces. One idea is to use digital pieces as well, especially for table games in bars, where pieces inevitably get lost. The units are still extremely expensive, so I doubt I’ll get to try one anytime soon, though the article mentions some hotels (such as Sheraton Hotels) are starting to buy them for guest use. If you didn’t already feel like we’re in the future – this is sure to do it!



1. Julia - February 11, 2010

Sooo cool! It would take “spices of the world” to new heights. I wonder how durable they are? And out of curiosity–where do you find Games magazine? I like to get it every once in awhile and have a hard time finding in stores.

2. dataduchess - February 11, 2010

Most times I buy it at a newstand in airports or train stations when I’m going on a trip, however this time, I actually saw it in the magazine rack at my grocery store. Not the racks near the checkouts that only ever have tabloids and weight loss magazines, but the actual magazine section in the aisle with paperbacks, giftwrap and greeting cards. Even there though – its never in front, usually on the bottom shelf, and in the back, so you only see it if you bend over!!!

3. pupfiction - February 11, 2010

This looks amazing but this is the third video I have seen with Microsoft promising to be the wave of the future. (The others were Project Natal and the How we will live in 10 years video.) I want to see some real results for everyone (not just in the Sheraton)!

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