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A Candid Convo with the Infomavens on Google Buzz February 11, 2010

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Okay, so I am totally taking the easy way out with my post today and just posting the g-chat Dataduchess and I just had about Google Buzz. It somehow seems appropriate. I also wanted to post this because I get a little sick and tired of hearing about how “Millennials” use technology. It makes me feel like a lab rat or some newly discovered species in the depths of the ocean. So – this is how some Millennials use technology:

From computerworld.com

Dataduchess: Hey – what do you think of Google Buzz?
Pupfiction: OMG – I was really about to chat you the same thing.
I really like the layout. I just don’t like having to update another thing.
Dataduchess: I don’t like it so far – but the only messages I’ve seen are millions of comments on Mashable’s posts.
Pupfiction: I don’t really understand what the notifications are about.
Ohhh – do you have it hooked to Twitter or your RSS?
I just have my friends so far, which is like 20 people.
Dataduchess: I like all this social media stuff, but I don’t want another place to update – I’m already way overloaded and over stimulated.
It’s mostly just my friends from my gchat addresses – but yesterday Mashable posted a link so you could follow them, and I did it, not really understanding what it would look like (since I didn’t actually have the function yet).
Pupfiction: Oh no!
Dataduchess: So today, it was unveiled, and all I had was 17 posts by Pete Cashmore, with hundreds of comments on each; overwhelming for a start!
Pupfiction: It’s like Facebook only you are forced to see and know about all the comments.
Dataduchess: Yeah – that’s how it seems.
Pupfiction: Whereas you could get the post without the comments in Twitter.
A bunch of my friends have posted pics and I really like the format for that.
Dataduchess: I don’t know, I’m willing to give it a chance, but it really doesn’t seem to add to the Google experience, and it just overlaps the bad parts of Twitter and FB.
Pupfiction: And what happened to Wave?
Are people using that or is that over?
Dataduchess: idk – I haven’t opened that in weeks.
I don’t think it caught on.
Buzz seems to replace that too.
Pupfiction: So much hype for nothing.
Dataduchess: I think “invite only” puts a damper on things.
Pupfiction: And there was too much of a learning curve.
It was too complicated.
I feel compelled to use Buzz because my friends are.
Dataduchess: Haha, you’re such a follower.
Are they friends who also use FB and Twitter, or are they starting from scratch with Buzz?
Pupfiction: They use FB and a one uses Twitter – you know – our head of advertising – dirtyern12.
A lot of my friends still don’t “get” Twitter.
Dataduchess: Yeah, I know very few people who “get” Twitter.
Every time I tell anyone something I heard, they’re like “oh, where did you hear that?” and I feel dumb saying, “uh, Twitter.”

What do you think about Google Buzz?

And in case you are like the Infomavens and value privacy (in contrast to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s beliefs) here’s an important article to read to make sure that your gmail contacts aren’t made public. Some of us Millennials still treasure a little mystery.



1. RhodeyGirlTests - February 11, 2010

I think it is ok so far. It is definitely distracting. I don’t like receiving Buzz updates in my inbox. I think it will be successful.

Isn’t it crazy that my spell check does not recognize “inbox” ????

2. dataduchess - February 11, 2010

pupfiction mentioned she was getting notifications too, but I haven’t yet. I have seen the link to Buzz in my sidbar go bold, and the number increase when there’s a new message – but no notice in my email inbox. Must be a setting, but I haven’t made any changes (except to make my contacts private!)

pupfiction - February 11, 2010

I think you only get emails when someone comments on your post or someone posts on something you have posted on as well.

3. mike - February 11, 2010

An interesting take on Buzz and a good link over to the privacy article at Lifehacker. The commentators over there are seeing problems so far. But gmail is so widespread that a lot of folks will be giving it a try and Big G will probably make improvements, too.

4. dataduchess - February 11, 2010

Here’s what Pete Cashmore has to say about Google Buzz in his CNN social media tech column today (bottom line: he predicts it will be HUGE):
“Google Buzz certainly isn’t groundbreaking, but it will achieve critical mass virtually overnight. Thanks to integration with Gmail, the new tool is in the eye-line of the millions of users who obsessively check their inboxes for new mail. ComScore pegged Gmail at 176.5 million unique visitors in December.”

5. Carleen - February 11, 2010

I’m good with it so far. I think they’re definitely right when they say the integration with Gmail will ultimately make it more successful then just another start-up social/micro-blogging/lifestreaming site.

I only ended up with three of my friends being on it at first and had to think for a bit and decide how I was going to use it. Was I going to look for professional contacts from my Twitter and Friend Feed or keep it more private like I use my Facebook. I ultimately decided to look for additional people to add which has helped its usefulness with generating discussion, crowdsourcing potential, yada yada.

Thanks for the Lifehacker article too, I was wondering about that.

6. mat. - February 11, 2010

i second the death of google wave. i logged in to it about 4 times and was for the most part lost the entire time. google waves, as well as google buzz are for the most part, way too complex for the average user. does either thing make your social networking life easier? or just a big mess?

definite social networking overload. make sure to check and adjust your privacy settings if using buzz. by default, as soon as you follow someone you have access to their entire address book. you can also see who they email with the most. shady business going on at google.

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