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Quidditch: Coming Soon to a Town Near You February 8, 2010

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Time and again we have seen popular fiction cross into the world of pop culture and become a worldwide phenomenon. Often this happens when books become movies. But some books do more than this. Some create cult-like followings such as the Twilight series whose paraphernalia has pervaded our culture in the form of bumper stickers, cosmetics, lunch boxes, shirts, and even action figures. Some works of fiction have taken it even further –creating entire religions ala Ron Hubbard and the Scientologists. But what’s a greater feat than bumper stickers, pale-faced screaming tweens and Tom-Cruise-like-fanaticism? How about creating an entire fictional and logically impossible sport only to be adopted by colleges nationwide? That’s exactly what J.K. Rowling unintentionally did with her creation of the sport Quidditch in the Harry Potter Series.

When I first heard about Quidditch being played in the real world it was because my husband’s girl’s high school basketball team decided they would hold a Quidditch tournament as a fundraiser. I had a lot of questions like: how do they fly? How is there a snitch? And who is actually playing Quidditch? Here’s the answers:

1. They don’t fly; they hold broomsticks between their legs.

2. The snitch (an enchanted flying ball that darts around the stadium) is replaced with a really fast runner with a gold ball who needs to be caught and can (technically) hide anywhere on campus.

3. Not who you would expect. This is not a game for slackers. The list includes over a hundred universities. Some of the more prestigous teams include Harvard, Brown, Vassar, BU, Cornell, Duke, MIT, Northwestern, etc.

In my brief research on the league (started in 2004) I saw this awesome commercial for the sport (as well as the sixth movie of the film franchise) produced by Emerson University.

For a better look at what actually goes on during these fictional-turned-real games check out video footage of Quidditch World Cup 2008 at Middlebury.

You better believe I will documenting and blogging about the Quidditch tournament fundraiser in my neighborhood. So look forward to more Quidditch posts in the spring!

For more information on the league click here.



1. dataduchess - February 8, 2010

I just heard about this over the weekend… I think it’s a little crazy, but sounds pretty fun too!

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