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Augmented Reality: Enlightening or Aesthetic? January 25, 2010

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Though I’ve been living an augmented reality most of my life, turns out you can download augmented reality apps for use on mobile devices as well. So what’s all the hype about? And are these apps really providing information that we couldn’t already obtain with other apps and reformatting them in more aesthetically pleasing ways? Tell me what you think after you watch the video below.


1. dataduchess - January 25, 2010

I think Augmented Reality is a SUPER cool concept. This particular application looks kind of awkward, but maybe it’s just the video. In any case, I won’t be happy until the software is available in my contact lenses, and I don’t need an iPhone at all. The information will just be in my sightline… Was that supposed to be available by 2010? who can keep track of broken promises these days… is there an app for that?

2. Dirtyern - January 25, 2010

I actually have that app as well as a NYC city locator…. Yelp also has a monacle in it now which does the same thing… I don’t know if any of this is ground breaking but it sure is fun to use and really wows less technology advanced people!

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