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Our First Night at ALA January 16, 2010

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Due to traffic and a hard-to-understand GPS with the voice of Kathleen Turner, we didn’t actually reach the Boston Convention and Exhibiton Center until 7pm, a half hour before the closing of the initial exhibition hall hours.

On the road to Boston!

First impressions?

1. The convention center is AMAZING!

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

2. What’s free and what isn’t? (A woman was shoveling books in her tote bag, but we didn’t want to accidentally “steal” anything. There were no signs!)

3. We felt REALLY young. Since it was obvious to most people that we have little or no buying power, few people wanted to talk to us although one man offered us a wine tasting! Woo-hoo! (And then bombarded us with printing information that we listened politely to.)
4. We have no idea what we are allowed to/invited to – we both only got the “Exhibitions Supreme” pass. (Any ideas? Can we crash meetings? Can we crash Al Gore speaking?)

5. We should have made business cards!!! People ask for them and treat you more seriously if you have them. We brought resumes and I brought business cards for the blog, but we should have made our own.

Anyhow – today will be more enlightening. I am excited to meet my mentor at an ACRL (Association of College and Reasearch Libraries) social hour and Leila of Leila Texts contacted me and I am going to meet her!

An ad for the Book Cart Drill Team Competition at ALA Annual


1. dataduchess - January 16, 2010

Sounds awesome… I’m bummed to be missing out. The ad for the book cart drill team is amazing – it kinda looks like you, and for a sec (until I read the caption) I thought it was! (I was a little doubtful you could do that -I honestly thought it was one of those “stick your face here” kind of set-ups hahahahaha!)
Look for a Booth for BOOM! Studios Comics – they are there somewhere! (One of my favorite imprints).

2. Aaron the Librarian - January 16, 2010

re: #4 Go where you want, imho, forgiveness is more forthcoming than permission 🙂

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