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Infographic: Movie Popularity by Area January 12, 2010

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I realized that Infomavens’ is far over due for an infographics post so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this one detailing Netflix rentals by movie and area (twelve different cities). First check out the article so that some interesting patterns are elucidated for you. Then check out the graphic here or click on the screen shot below.

As is often the case, the anomalies of data collection are far more interesting that the norm. Browbeat (Slate.com’s culture blog) found a few zip codes harboring top ten lists that were far from the norm. These zip codes ended up being from airports, colleges, areas dense in movie studios and zip codes belonging to federal or state government facilities. These conditions led Browbeat to believe that the top ten of that zip code could just be one person’s account, or in the case of the college, reflect the tastes of one particular age group. What I found most interesting/entertaining was that Twilight was number one in Universal Studies zip code, and Robot Chicken was popular with the feds. What did you think was most interesting?



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