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Monday Book Review: Final Theory January 11, 2010

Posted by dataduchess in Book Reviews.
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I am still plugging along, reading my latest endeavor into “literature” and thus, do not have anything new to review this week. This is not a problem however, since it gives me a chance to discuss books I have read and enjoyed in the past that readers of this blog may have missed.

About a year and a half ago, my father brought to my attention a New York Times Book Review for a new release. The review itself was intriguing and quirky, starting off by asking what Leonardo da Vinci has in common with Albert Einstein. The answer was “many things” including, “genius” and “usefulness as thriller bait”. Since I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, and I love thrillers and am fascinated by Einstein, Final Theory, by Mark Alpert sounded like a thoroughly enjoyable perfect storm of words.

Final Theory is a suspense novel that can only be described as The DaVinci Code a la Einstein. The story kicks off with the villain torturing an old man almost to death in an attempt to discover a secret that Einstein had hidden long ago – the Holy Grail of Physics, or, the Theory of Everything. The old man dies, but only after he passes the key to the secret theory to a former student of his own. The villain AND the FBI want to find this student, and will stop at nothing to find him and Einstein’s Theory. They all set off on a nationwide manhunt, while the student tries to piece together Einstein’s Theory of Everything, in the hope that it will save him, his family, and the world.

The novel is a well-written debut, with interesting and fully developed characters, a plot that twists and turns to keep the reader flipping pages, and of course, the requisite unpredictable final spectacular reveal. It’s the kind of book that would make a great movie with something for everyone: lighthearted and likeable leading man on an intense journey to save his family and the world, with layman-friendly science and gadgets, a sexually-tense relationship with an old female friend, gunfights and villains and car chases. If it sounds a little formulaic, that’s because it is – but in my opinion, it’s a great formula!



1. pupfiction - January 11, 2010

Sounds good! And you’re right, a good formula is a good formula. That’s why romantic comedies are so popular!

2. mike - January 11, 2010

I forgot about this one. Would you read it before or after Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol?

dataduchess - January 11, 2010

The similarities of final Theory and The Da Vinci Code, or The Lost Symbol, are primarily in the formulas of the books and the page-turning intensity. Other than that, the books are completely unrelated and may be read in any order.
If you are merely asking for a suggestion as to what to read next, I would probably say The Lost Symbol. Being a more recent release, it is currently more popular and more likely to be spoiled. Final Theory has never garnered much attention, and there is little reason to rush to read it.

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