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The Flying Cars You’ve All Been Waiting For…(sort of) January 5, 2010

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It seems I can’t go a day in this new decade without someone complaining that the flying cars they were promised (by whom? the Jetsons?) have not yet materialized. Well I am here to say, your prayers have been answered (sort of). Sonex Aircraft, a company specializing in making kits for the adventurous brainy types who like to put together small air-crafts in their spare time, are close to introducing “a small, single-seat jet designed to provide high performance in an airplane that fits in your garage” (Wired.com) for retail. Price estimation ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 for a plane with one or two seats that can fly over “240 mph and climb at well over 2,000 feet per minute” (Wired.com). Though tests have not yet taken the craft into the air, the optimistic company hopes to be airborne by July. Make sure to check out the whole article by Wired here.



1. dataduchess - January 5, 2010

Hunh. I clicked on this post to leave a comment, planning to begin with “I don’t know who promised us flying cars by 2010…” and lo and behold, the “Possibly Related Posts” links to a blog post from 2007 indicating the X-Hawk will be here by 2010. So now we know. The rest of my planned post was a witty reference to Back to the Future II but now it wouldn’t really make sense.

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