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What the Experts Are Saying About Santa December 22, 2009

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The New York Times Opinion section published an interesting piece today entitled, “The Truth About Santa.” The short article compiles the opinion of five “experts” in the area: two psychologists, a novelist, and two (non-fiction) writers. The short, entertaining essays argue whether or not to tell children the truth about Santa and what children really believe in, in the form of personal anecdotes. It’s refreshing to finally hear something heartwarming, other than the classic, banal editorial “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”



1. mike - December 22, 2009

Santa still comes to my house every year. Wake up on Christmas morning and see the magic.

2. dataduchess - December 22, 2009

I have to admit – I love the “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” editorial. It is the way my mother always answered me when, as a child, I asked for the truth about Santa, and as I grew up, I understood what she really meant. No, some man named Santa did not bring me presents, but the idea of unconditional love and generosity was real, so long as people perpetuate the myth of that great man. In the name of Santa, people give to each other great gifts, and I don’t mean the presents under the tree, but the hope and idealism inspired by a season of generosity and good cheer.
One of the things I specifically like about the original “Yes Virginia” editorial, is the way Church related believing in Santa Claus to believing in anything beyond current reality. As was alluded to by some of the current New York Times “experts”, the ability to imagine beyond the provable reality is what makes humans capable of innovation, invention and experimentation. The ability to think beyond what is to what could or might be, is the most essential characteristic in every great scientist and inventor in history. I love the idea of the writer from Popular Scientist to use Santa as a tool for teaching his daughters to be curious about science.

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