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10 Amazing Book Artists December 3, 2009

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Recently having made the incredible find of Brian Dettmer‘s artwork I began to search the web for more examples of art made from books. Here’s the top ten artists in no particular order.

1. Brian Dettmer

Make sure to check out his full Flickr stream here.

2.  Mike Stilkey

photo from i09.com

Check out i09.com’s interview and more works by the artist here.

3. Georgia Russell

both photos from englandgallery.com

More information can be found at England & Co.

4. Lisa Kokin

Find more information here, but the pictures of altered books are limited. A Google image search reveals far more wonders.

5. Abelardo Morell does both photographs of books and a fantastical collection of which this photograph is from entitled “Alice in Wonderland”.

Check out the whole collection here.

6. Carer Barer

from fosterwhite.com

Check out her web site here.

7. Robert The

Yes, that was once a book!

His site has some amazing works!

8. Olafur Eliasson works in a number of mediums, but his book Your House is relevant to this post as it is his own house laser cut into a book.

from iaacblog.com

Check out his site here.

9. Jacqueline Rush Lee

Make sure to visit her site. It’s amazing.

10. Ariana Boussard-Reifel is another artist who works in a number of mediums. She has created a work called “Between the Lines” (below) in which she cut all the words out of a book.

from fastcompany.com

You can check out her gallery of work here.

Know of any other good “book artists”?



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