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Judge a Book By Its Cover December 2, 2009

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A self-proclaimed “label whore” whose purchase of wine usually depends far more upon label art than taste, I was struck by Amazon’s compilation of the best book covers of 2009. While scrolling through nominees I began to add some to my TBR and (lo and behold!) realized I was judging a book by its cover. Turns out publishers aren’t just brainy readers and luddites; they understand marketing as much as the next guy (or gal). But has the publishing industry always been so savvy, or is this the latest consequence of our consumerist culture? It would seem from the evolution of cover art that the former is true. Proving my point is this great gallery of book covers from the i09 blog showcasing 16 Science Fiction book covers and how they have changed over the years.

What’s your favorite book cover of all time?



1. julia - December 2, 2009

That was an interesting look into cover art from this year… a good cover does make all of the difference. One of my favorite kid’s novels from this year is “When You Reach Me” by Rebecca Stead, but I think it has a bad cover that will discourage kids from picking it up.

And if you feel like a challenge, check out this blog posting from earlier this year… she removed the book jackets from a bunch of children’s/YA novels to see how many were recognizable. I think I only got 3 right, and was surprised at some of the answers!

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