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As the map grows dark… November 24, 2009

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By now you know I love data visualization and that’s why I feel compelled to show this dynamic map of unemployment statistics from January 2007 to September 2009. The choice of colors from pale yellow to black  make a dramatic impact as the map turns darker and darker. For some reason this reminded me of Dagney Taggart’s view as she flew over the world at the end of Ayn Rand’s  incendiary novel, Atlas Shrugged.



1. dataduchess - November 24, 2009

THAT is an Amazing map. I love it. Not what it shows, but how it shows it.

2. Josh Gran - November 25, 2009

That is really painful to watch. We are indeed in the Great Recession. As Paul Krugman said on Real Time with Bill Maher, we need an FDR right now, we hoped Obama would be that, and well… I guess I’ll see you all on the bread lines!

3. mike - December 3, 2009

Since this was posted, I showed that interactive map to at least four other people.

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