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Niche Blog Friday: Robot Apocalypse November 20, 2009

Posted by infomavensdesktop in Niche Blogs.
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Forget the spelling errors; forget the colloquial tone; forget the sporadic posting; but most of all forget (or embrace) the paranoid-touching-on-schizophrenic rantings and you will enjoy this blog. Not surprisingly, many of the posts link to the ever sensationalist (and thus engaging) New Scientist. The authors also tend to gloss over the details of the articles they find (i.e. suggesting invisibility is possible when the article clearly states it is only possible in “infrared light”). The blog is run by three people of which little is known except that one of them loves bacon and will not date you.

Whatever; it’s Friday; enjoy! Robot Apocalypse



1. DDerby - November 20, 2009

I only gave it a quick scan, but pretty funny. This quote jumped up:

“These guys are totally serious. They use flash. They’re not f***ing around.”

Nothing says “not f***ing around” like using Flash.

“Against everything I know.”

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