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Lists to Be Thankful For November 20, 2009

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Recently we posted about why people make lists. Since then, lists seem to be popping up everywhere. And now, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner, people are making lists of things for which they are thankful.

I, personally, am thankful for the lists. Here are a couple I came across this morning, that I thought were worth sharing.

Television Without Pity’s 10 TV things We’re Thankful For This Year

Wired’s GeekDad Blog’s 10 Geeky Things to Be Thankful For

I expect there will be more as we get closer to Thanksgiving, and Year-End Reviews, so check back for more in the weeks to come. If you have a list you’d like to see us highlight, let us know in the comments!

Photo by Steve Voght; used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.



1. pupfiction - November 20, 2009

Here’s a list I am thankful for: the Most Awesome Lifetime Movie Titles Ever: (http://insidetv.aol.com/2009/11/16/best-lifetime-movie-titles/ ). And I have to admit I vaguely remember watching “Co-ed Call Girl”. What? It had Tori Spelling in it.

2. dataduchess - November 20, 2009

In an apparant homage to New Moon – Animal Planet has posted a queue of their Top 10 Videos of Bloodsuckers, from bats to butterflies to bugs, they are pretty nasty. Don’t look, if insects creep you out.

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