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Friday the 13th November 13, 2009

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What kind of bloggers would we be if we didn’t acknowledge that today is Friday the 13th?

Here is one of the best explanations for why “13” is a scary number:

It has been proposed, for example, that fears surrounding the number 13 are as ancient as the act of counting. Primitive man had only his 10 fingers and two feet to represent units, this explanation goes, so he could count no higher than 12. What lay beyond that — 13 — was an impenetrable mystery to our prehistoric forebears, hence an object of superstition.

Which has an edifying ring to it, but one is left wondering: did primitive man not have toes?



1. pupfiction - November 13, 2009

Sounds like something Jack Handey would say. And here’s a great article from Time that explains it in greater detail: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1879288,00.html

2. kcd75 - November 13, 2009

Thanks for the post. I love learning about how traditions are started.


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