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Yankees in 6? October 28, 2009

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We’re in the home stretch here of baseball season with Game One of the World Series later tonight, if it ever stops raining in the Northeast. Baseball is a great sport for fans of physics, data and statistics. WhatIfSports is a site affiliated with Fox Sports on MSN that runs simulations of every and any game you can think of, in all different sports, past and present. They ran a simulation of this World Series, between the Yankees and Phillies, 10,000 times – and Yankees won 72.3% of the time. Those are some good odds.



1. pupfiction - October 28, 2009

Wow, this is great. I wonder what their own record is, of correctly prophesying.

2. dataduchess - October 28, 2009

From @WhatifSports Twitter Feed, posted 9:18am Oct. 26:

in our college football picks we went 21/22 in top 25 (Miami got upset) and 46/56 overall

3. dataduchess - November 5, 2009

Yankees in 6! What If Sports is right again!

Maybe there is something to this statistics thing…

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