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Net Neutrality: The Fight is On! October 22, 2009

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The FCC’s open meeting today in Washington, D.C. discussed the Commission’s attitude towards net neutrality and can be viewed verbatim here. To summarize it, the statement of Chairman Genachowski concludes with these stirring democratic lines, “I am pleased that there is broad agreement inside the Commission that we should move forward with a healthy and transparent process on an open Internet.  I am pleased to see leaders outside the Commission working to find common ground on enforceable rules.  Given the importance of an open Internet to prosperity and opportunity for all Americans, our country deserves no less.”

(Wow, this guy should run for office!)

For those of you late to this lively debate, here’s brief on the primary opponents and supporters:

The epic battle between good and evil continues to wage: innovators and behemoths of the internet (i.e. Skype, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) vs. lawmakers and telecommunications companies. Looking at the two opposing sides I would choose the former without even knowing the stakes, but fortunately net neutrality is an easy concept to support. This article posted on CNET, makes it clear that the only ones opposing net neutrality are telecommunication and cable companies, whose motives are obvious: profit and bandwidth concerns, and lawmakers (aka politicians) whose motives are only slightly  convoluted: loyalties to these telecommunication and cable companies (for monetary or other reasons) presented under the guise of investment woes.

Whose side are you on?



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