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The future has arrived…but how do you feel about it? October 16, 2009

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Readers of M.T. Anderson’s sensational and extremely prescient young adult novel Feed will feel a glimmer of recognition when they read this article about the first steps toward a technology-run telepathy being hailed as “brain-to-brain communication”, by the UK’s Times Online. It would seem that Anderson’s once sci-fi concept of “thought” being the  impetus to send messages from person to person is becoming sci (without the fi). But before we enthusiastically embrace such an effortless mode of communication let’s note the mention of another famous author’s (Orwell) concept: Big Brother.



1. dataduchess - October 16, 2009

Letter writing was replaced by telephones. Telephones were replaced by email and texting. Now, (or someday) email and texting will be replaced by Telepathy. That’s the way it goes. I can’t even imagine

It’s kind of amazing to think of the possibility of communicating by thought – but the article is quite clear that that is a LONG way down the road. I’m leaning towards saying – no need to worry about Big Brother yet… but the thing is, when it IS time to worry about Big Brother – it will already be too late.

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